Jonny Kidney is a Vancouver Video Producer, Video Editor, Writer, Content Creator, Host, Actor, and an all around Creative.

Jonny recently finished producing two promotional videos for the City of Delta, taking care of set-up, on-camera interviews, locations, and organizing the crew. Also, Jonny just wrapped producing a Youtube campaign  for a mixed cocktail company based out of Chicago. He also teaches Adobe Premiere part-time at The Training Company, and his freelancing consists of producing, writing and editing campaigns for clients such as Whistler Water, BCLC, the BC Government, BC Housing, as well as various Youtube Influencers.

Before arriving in Vancouver, Jonny Kidney had been living in Montreal where he graduated from Religious Studies while serving consecutive years as the President of the Religious Students Association. Jonny’s degree introduced him to an entirely new world of people and circumstances that he knew he wanted to explore further.

Soon after graduating Jonny created an online publication titled 101Magazine.ca, which dealt with the idea of, “everyone has a story.” He set out to collect fascinating stories from “everyday, interesting people.”

Jonny sought out individuals from every walk of life, including Professors from the University of Baghdad, Lost Boys from Sudan, and an eccentric female artist from Iran. What he found is that everyone does have a story.

Jonny is also a graduate of BCIT in Broadcast and Online Journalism. Learning how to properly write for radio and television has transformed Jonny into a more accurate and concise writer. He has learned how to effectively and efficiently guide interviews, formulate original stories and create in-depth, and investigative documentaries.

Jonny recently finished a three-year stint with a tech start-up where he helped to invent, and test limitless ideas and campaigns. Starting from the ground up, Fitplan Technologies grew to over 70, 000 paying subscribers, and making close to one million dollars a month. Jonny helped construct, create and edit content at Fitplan, which is a fitness app. He enhanced Social Influencer’s subject matter, making it look incredibly appealing and engaging by creating informational, instructional, and motivating fitness videos, alongside copy as well.

Previous to that, Jonny was at a production company, Great Pacific TV, where he was part of the developing team conceiving, researching, and pitching ideas for potential documentaries for Discovery Channel’s Sunday night family viewing hour.

Jonny also shot video, and edited podcasts for the Odlum Brown VanOpen. He worked alongside Ian Hanomansing, at CBC Vancouver, chasing global interviews, writing and pitching ideas for the National News Now show, and briefly, helped produce the Simi Sara Show on CKNW Radio.

Jonny’s focus is long form investigative story telling such as documentaries.  Within the overall sphere of video production, his best attribute is organization – planting a seed, and helping the idea grow. He also teaches Adobe Premiere at The Training Company part time.

He is a creative individual with a passion to seek out information, and multiple perspectives in order analyze, interpret, and form a detailed, intriguing story. He always mentions, that creatively thinking inside and outside the digital box is limitless.

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