I always like to help host.

Big Hershey’s Spot

I also play a convincing dad.

Killer Shot

Some colleagues and I entered the Olympus 72 Hour Showdown up at the Whistler World Ski and Snowboard Festival. We had 72 hours to create, film and edit a short 5 minute film. Among over 30 films submitted, we were chosen as 1 of 10 films to appear in finals which was screened on 6 jumbo screens in front of 200 people at the Conference Centre in Whistler.
We didn’t receive the $15,000 grand prize, but won the third and final award for Best Use of Prop, which this year, was a mirror, and had to be used in a creative way in every film for at least 5 seconds. It was a lot of fun embracing the incredible reactions and applause from the massive crowd.
It was all shot on an Olympus camera, though the judges were not informed.