FTR: 3D Bio-printing of human tissue

Aspect Biosystems is one company who is taking a newly invented 3D Printer, and turning it into a printer that has the potential to build organs, and cell tissue that can be experimented on and tested without harming animals or humans. one day replace ailing components of our bodies.

Joining me today on For the Record is Tamer Mohamed, co-founder of Aspect Biosystems, and co-designer of custom built 3D Bio-Printers.

Originally aired November 7, 2014

FTR: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, known as SAD, is a subgroup of depression that occurs mainly during dark winter months. Close to 6% of Canadians are affected sometime in their lifetime, while close to 15% of Canadians tend to experience a mild form of seasonal depression.
I talked with registered psychologist, Susan Baum, about how people can avoid becoming a SAD victim during the upcoming wet, winter season.

Originally aired November 5, 2014

For The Record: Couple of Yuppies – travel, food, and relationships

For The Record with Jonny Kidney

Originally aired April 22, 1014

A cleverly craftScreen-shot-2013-05-12-at-11.43.08-PM1-300x58ed blog created by Jamie Munro, and Kyle Foote discusses travel, food, and relationships from both His and Her point of view.

Recently returning from a six month journey around South East Asia, Jamie came into the BCIT studio to discuss the many perks of writing a successful blog.