Ban PDA?

Sylvia GungBurnaby Mayoral candidate Sylvia Gung says that Public Displays of Affection sends the wrong messege to young people and can lead to sexual violence. She hopes to ban everything from kissing to hand holding in public if she gets elected.


Originally published on October 16, 2014

FTR: 3D Bio-printing of human tissue

Aspect Biosystems is one company who is taking a newly invented 3D Printer, and turning it into a printer that has the potential to build organs, and cell tissue that can be experimented on and tested without harming animals or humans. one day replace ailing components of our bodies.

Joining me today on For the Record is Tamer Mohamed, co-founder of Aspect Biosystems, and co-designer of custom built 3D Bio-Printers.

Originally aired November 7, 2014

FTR: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, known as SAD, is a subgroup of depression that occurs mainly during dark winter months. Close to 6% of Canadians are affected sometime in their lifetime, while close to 15% of Canadians tend to experience a mild form of seasonal depression.
I talked with registered psychologist, Susan Baum, about how people can avoid becoming a SAD victim during the upcoming wet, winter season.

Originally aired November 5, 2014

Lead Now – Defend our climate, defend our communities

LeadNow-black-purple-logoDr. Amy Lubik is a local organizer for Leadnow, advocating for democratic, economic, and climate justice. But her day job is a cancer researcher at Vancouver General Hospital. She is a  recipient of the prestigious US Department of Defend Prostate Cancer Trainee Award, founder of the Queensland University of Technology chapter of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines and a member of the Next Up Leadership program through the Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC.

Originally aired April 24, 2014